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The Bowral Bariatric Clinic

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General Surgery

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You are welcome to come in to discuss your suitability and we can ask any initial questions about Bariatric Surgery. Or you could call or email us.

As a patient, your journey begins with consultations with our Bariatric General Practitioner and clinic manager.

Our General Practitioner will talk to you about your current nutrition and then discuss your pre-operative and post-operative diets to help you to be best prepared for the changes ahead.

You will then see our Surgeon who will chat with you about your personal goals and overall health in order to determine suitability for weight loss surgery and answer any questions you may have. If you decide you would like to proceed further, the Surgeon may request blood or other tests be carried out with a follow up consult booked in to run through the results and give you an opportunity to ask more questions.

Following that second consult with your Surgeon you may choose to take some time to decide on surgery, or your Surgeon will book you in for the procedure during your consultation.


One week after surgery, you will see your Surgeon for a follow up, and then 4 weeks after that you will see your Surgeon again as well.

We encourage our patients to continue to visit us over the months and years following your procedure. While this is not mandatory, we have found that ongoing care and engagement with the BBC team delivers great results and helps you to maintain long term success.

The months following surgery provide you with an opportunity to look at life/work balance and make long term changes, develop healthy, lifelong diet changes and start regularly exercising if physically able.

The weight loss journey  for Gastric Sleeve normally takes 12 months to reach your target goal, and Gastric Band can take up to 24 months. The care during this period is included in our Bariatrc follow-up program.


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